Gadgets you should have to run a “Comrades marathon 2022”.


Comrades Marathon is the world’s oldest, largest, and, it can be argued, the greatest ultra-marathon.

Wanting to enter the Comrades Marathon? This is EVERYTHING you need to know about it.

The Comrades Marathon (55 miles) held in South Africa is the world’s largest and oldest ultramarathon. It was established in 1921 by Vic Clapham with 34 runners The 2022 Comrades Marathon will take place on Sunday, 28 August, organisers confirmed.

To start the Comrades Marathon in 2022, you must successfully qualify to run the race. There are various qualifying criteria that the Comrades Marathon Association stipulates, but the two big ones you need to be aware of to qualify to run Comrades are as follows:

  1. You need to be at least 20 years old on the day of the race (28 August 2022)
  2. You have to have completed a marathon in less than 4:50


A Comrades medal’s little size immediately grabs your attention when you first see it. It is quite small!
It may seem absurd in light of what you must complete in order to receive the medal.
But that is only one more aspect of what makes Comrades so unique. The marathon can be celebrated without a garish, belt-buckle-sized medal. The Comrades medal excludes any validation, which makes it modest.
The medal from Comrades is stunning.

Comrades Marathon Medals



Running the race will get you one of nine Comrades Medals. Men’s and women’s gold is put first, then the Wally Hayward, Isavel Roche-Kelly, and finally the silver. The Bill Rowan, Robert Mtshali, Bronze, and the Vic Clapham follow next.

Even for seasoned runners, taking on the Comrades might be overwhelming, let alone someone who is contemplating taking up running but with the right gadget, running a marathon will be little less stressful.

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