SSS Cellular

We are currently the single largest Independent Accredited Repair Centre in South Africa, certified to perform Level 4 Repairs on Mobile devices (the highest level in Africa).

Our state of the art facility boasts not only the latest technology offered by our Accreditation with major leading manufacturers like Sony, Huawei, Cat, Land Rover, Hisense, Cross Call, Smart Care and Samsung but also the tooling to perform these tasks and restore your device to optimal performance and condition as the day the device was manufactured.


It is not unnatural , rather the norm, to have most of our clients sorted well within 1 hour , after the device has been booked in with us.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service and aspire to having you back on the road in the shortest possible time.


B2X, a Germany based Repair Management Company, have audited our facilities a few years ago, and have bestowed upon us , Level 4 Certified Repair Accreditation.

We are currently the Only Level 4 Certified Repair Centre in Africa and are thus equipped to perform the highest level of board repair which involve BGA (surface mounted component) replacements.

Quality Work

Whilst we try our level best to keep our repair cost to a minimal, the use of only Original Spare Parts seem to hamper our ability to keep the repair cost extremely low.

Having said this, we have not, and will never compromise on repair quality , thus find the option of using sub standard spare parts to reduce the repair cost not an option unfortunately at our repair centre.

We firmly believe, that using the Original Spare Part not only restores the device to perfect working order, but also reduces the risk of failure of the product as well as harm to the user substantially.

All this being said, our accounts team are always prepared to bend backward and accommodate our valued clients needs, and would pass over maximum discounts to ensure the client is asisited in having the device repaired/refurbished in the shortest possible time, with the lowest possible cost.


SSS Cellular provides services to the biggest cellular network providers in South
Africa. You can rest assured your device is in capable hands of our experianced