Huawei sound joy is a portable Bluetooth speaker invented by Huawei Company. It is a compact product that makes improved sounds for you. This newest Bluetooth speaker is an extraordinary addition to our audio family. Huawei sound joy sends excellent audio and mesmerizing listening connection. You can find again your preferred sound as it’s played with a rich, deep, and powerful tone. This sound joy combines 4 unit punchy sound, 26 house playback, and stereo pair technology.


You can experience the sound of freedom with this compacted product. You can hold its handy strap, and place this ultra-portable sound joy in your bag or the cycle bottle enclosure. Now you can go on a new journey in your favorite sounds.


The ring lights lighten your required sounds with the multi colors lights ring on Huawei sound joy. These lights guide the connection setup, status suggestions, and also sound effects. You can see the volume level of sound and track battery life according to the fullness of this light ring. This sound joy is enclosed into the specially woven fabric which offers a standout, lively look, and also guarantees a more comfortable touch. It also offers a strong, rugged shield for all your outside trips. Hence most significantly the sounds resonate as they are intended to be heard. It can endure just about any weather condition you can throw at it. This sound joy stays protected in up to 1m of water.


The 2 passive radiators additionally improve low-frequency sensitivity and extension and confirm your sound is clear and low noise, even at high volumes. You can keep your favorite sounds going no matter how far you are traveling from a single charge of the large 8800 mAh battery. Bluetooth 5.2 generates high sound quality, with low power consumption.

The two devices can become one by just shaking Huawei sound joy for automatic combination. Make the sound switching easy by touching your phone to Huawei sound joy to promptly transfer your track, and never drop a single beat of it. Adore the immediate association with your devices via the auto-discovery feature of it. Just take your laptop, phone, or tablet near sound joy and tap the pop-up window on your device to join. You’ll get greater sound when you’re making calls, playing games, or sitting back to watch any show.


By summarizing all the features of Huawei sound joy, it has extra software control using the AI life App where users can bring up-to-date firmware as well as can control the bass plus three sound profiles when needed. Indeed this sound joy is a powerful combination of software and hardware expertise where a pleasant-sounding ecosystem was intentionally established for added wireless technology worth between Huawei products.



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