Booking In A Repair : 

–  Please be advised that we will not be held responsible for any data loss as the onus lies on you to please back up your data prior to booking in the device. If we are not provided with the correct password or pattern for the device, the device will be wiped in order for the device to be tested. In the event you have a screen guard on the device and have not removed it prior to booking in the device, we cannot unfortunately take responsibility for it being removed /discarded. All accessories to be removed if needed. All devices will be defrayed if not collected within 3months from booking date. Also be advised that SSS does not share personal data to any other marketing company or personnel as this is highly confidential, I have read and acknowledged the above: 


– Handset / units can and will be returned to the lawful owner in possession of the original job slip 

-Should the lawful owner fail to produce the original job slip due to it being lost / stolen, and affidavit will be required 

– Positive identification is required upon failure to produce / loss of this customer copy of the repair. 

– An assessment fee of R171.00 incl. VAT is payable for all assessment or quotations required on mobile devices.

– An assessment fee of R250.00 incl. VAT Is payable for all assessment or quotation required on Home Appliances.  

– In the event of the handset / appliance being deemed liquid damaged / physical damaged and regarded as Beyond economical repair, the minimum labor fee of R171.00 incl. VAT is applicable for all mobile devices and R250.00 incl. VAT for all Home Appliances. 

–  For all quotations being accepted, we will need the Quoted amount payable prior to completion of the repair. 

– In the event of the quotation being rejected, a quote rejection fee of R171.00 incl. VAT is payable before collection / issuing the return of the unit to this owner. 

– All warranty repairs will be gladly accepted subject to meeting the following requirements as set out in conditions a and b:

  1. a) The client is in possession of a valid proof of purchase invoice. 
  2. b) The handset meets the physical inspections phase carried out by a qualified technician on our premises, purely to ascertain whether the unit is physically damage due to negligence/ accidently: both of which compel us to fail the product claim for a valid warranty repair. 

– If the handset has traces / clear discoloration of the warranty seal/ evidence of tampering and or removals of the seal, the repair will be deemed out of warranty.     

– In the event of the customer accepting the specific quotation with regards to the unit, the completed repair will carry out a 3-month warranty on the spare replaced. 

– New faults will be deemed as new repairs with charges applicable. 


– We will not be held for any loss of the specified unit due to theft/fire.

– Units not collected within 90 days after receiving confirmation that the unit is repaired and ready for collection/BER/Quote Rejected, will be sold to defray expenses.

Sales :

General DOA(Dead On Arrival)/OBF(Out Of Box Failure)

DOA unit will not be accepted after six (6) months have been elapsed since date of production of handset.

DOA conditions

  1. DOA units must be complete, with no items missing from the kit. 
  2. The end-user proof of purchase (or copy) must accompany the DOA.
  3. A fault report stating the fault on the unit must accompany the DOA.
  4. The fault reported must be replicated upon inspection by SSS
  5. The DOA must not have any signs of misuse, or visible liquid damage.
  6. The DOA must be claimed within 45 days of return by end user.


  1. The customer returns the unit to the retailer, within 7 days of purchase.
  2. The retailer verifies that the DOA meets all conditions as stated above.
  3. The retailer has 7days to return the unit to the distributor.
  4. The distributor has 7 days to validate the DOA and send the DOA claim form (next worksheet) to Sony.
  5. Incomplete worksheets will not be accepted.
  6. Upon receipt of the worksheet SSS will inform the distributor of the inspection date. Please ensure that all units are ready for inspection
  7. Approval or Rejection of the units will be given immediately once inspection has been completed. Valid reasons will be provided for all rejected units.
  8. All accepted units are to be sent to SSS Premises within 7 days and all rejected units are to be kept by the distributor

Returns Policy

  1. Introduction
  1. This Policy forms part of the Customer Terms and Conditions, and so words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Policy, unless the context indicates otherwise. Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.
  2. You may return any product that you bought from the Website or Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) if:
  1. you’ve changed your mind.
  2. you purchased the wrong item.
  3. the Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) product is an unwanted gift.
  4. the Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) products has a technical fault; or
  5. you have concerns about the quality of the product (the “Returned Product”).
  6. Products that are purchased incorrectly or that are unwanted
  1. This Policy forms part of the Customer Terms and Conditions, and so words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this Policy, unless the context indicates otherwise. Nothing in this Policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.
  2. You can return an unwanted product to Huawei Store (SSS Cellular), provided:
  1. it is unopened, undamaged, and unused, with the original labels and stickers still attached.
  2. it is not missing any accessories or parts; and
  3. you return the product to the Store together with the invoice you received from the Store, or you log a return on the Website within 7 days of delivery to you or collection by you of the unwanted product. After 7 days, you can only return a product if it is defective.
  1. Once we have inspected the Returned Product and validated your return form, we will credit your account with the purchase price of the product within 10-14 working days of the return being received at our warehouse or service centre.
  2. You may also elect to exchange a Returned Product for another product (the “Exchange Product”) that is of the same value as the Returned Product. If the price of the Returned Product is less than that of the Exchange product, you will be liable to pay the cash difference between the two products. And if the price of the Returned Product is more than that of the Exchange product, Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) may give you a Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) voucher equal to the value of the difference between the two product prices.
  3. If the packaging is in any way opened, damaged, or tampered with, Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) will charge you a handling fee of up to 20% (twenty percent) of the total purchase price of the Returned Product.
  4. If you have entered into a contract with a mobile cellular operator, returning a product bought from Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) will not cancel your contract with the mobile cellular operator.  You will continue to be responsible for that contract and for any charges and fees that are associated with that contract.
  5. Unsealed software products, software subscriptions, electronic software downloads and electronic voucher downloads, gift cards and in-ear products may not be returned to Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) and are not eligible for refunds.
  6. All Returned Products are subject to inspection by the Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) prior to a refund or an exchange.
  7. Any products purchased from the Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) using a debit card will not be eligible for a refund but may be exchanged for another product.
  8. If you want the Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) to collect the Returned Product from you, please make sure to fill in the returns form on the Website, Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) may charge a fee of R100 to facilitate the collection on the Returned Product. This is applicable to purchases made online.
  9. Products will not be refunded or exchanged due to incompatibility. Please check compatibility information before placing an order.
  10. Software products cannot be exchanged or refunded.
  11. A 20% handling fee will be charged on opened / used purchases. A courier collection fee of R100.00 may be charged on refunds and exchanges. Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) will process the refund within 10-14 working days after you cancel your agreement with Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) or Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) receives the returned product.
  1. Products damaged on delivery
  1. Should a product be damaged or missing any parts or accessories at the time of delivery, please notify Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) within 7 days of such delivery.
  2. Once we have inspected the product and validated your return, we will at your choice repair or replace the product as soon as possible or credit your account with the purchase price of the product.
  1. Faulty Products
  1. All Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) products are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. If your product is faulty you must follow the process set out in the manufacturer’s warranty as indicated to you by the Huawei Store (SSS Cellular).
  2. Please note that any manufacturer’s warranty is subject to whatever terms and conditions the manufacturer may impose. These are usually stated in a brochure or leaflet inside or on the product packaging. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of any such terms and conditions.
  3. For the avoidance of doubt, the manufacturer’s warranty is provided by the manufacturer and not Huawei Store (SSS Cellular). Any queries with regards to the warranty should be addressed with the manufacturer and Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) can only facilitate the communication between you and the manufacturer.
  1. Refunds
  1. Refunds will be done electronically via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to a bank account nominated by you. In certain circumstances where possible, Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) may affect a credit card transaction reversal.
  2. Refunds may take between 10-14 working days to process.
  3. Huawei Store (SSS Cellular) will not be liable for any bank charges, taxes, interest and/or any other fees that may be levied against you for the refund.
  1. General

To process a return, refund or exchange please send an email to [email protected] with your request and we will advise of the steps that you will need to follow.