Discover the new HUAWEI P60 Pro & HUAWEI Mate X3 in HUAWEI Stores

Discover at selected HUAWEI Experience Store(HES) ACTIVITY MECHANICS:

  1. Register and select the store and date;
  2. Our Store staff would contact you shortly after registration;
  3. Go to Store to enjoy the Flagship experience and exclusive Service for HUAWEI Mate X3 and HUAWEI P60 Pro.

What we can offer you:

  1. Exclusive VIP service from certified store staff;
  2. Enjoy the New HUAWEI Flagship Device in advance;
  3. Special offer for pre-booking of the HUAWEI P60 Pro or HUAWEI Mate X3;
  4. Welcoming gift for participating the activity;
  5. Special gift for pre-booking HUAWEI P60 Pro or HUAWEI Mate X3;
  6. Free film and cleaning service for the device;