HUAWEI IdeaHub 2022 New Product

Designed for efficient office

The IdeaHub S2 is built on a cutting-edge hardware platform architecture, delivering exceptional HD audio and video, Wi-Fi 6 for direct projection, BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting), ultra-low writing latency, and seamless integration with mainstream cloud conferencing ecosystems. It’s perfect for small and medium-sized meeting rooms and executive offices alike

Tailored for lightweight office

The IdeaHub B2 boasts features such as 1080p HD cloud conferencing, projection via dual-Wi-Fi modules, ultra low writing latency, and enterprise-level information security. The sleek design of the IdeaHub B2 is perfect for any smart office.

Optimal choice for local collaboration

HUAWEI IdeaHub Board 2
The IdeaHub Board 2 features a 4K soft-light screen and powerful functions that streamline writing, projection, and multimedia connectivity, making it perfect for office collaboration. From local workshop training to brainstorming sessions, the IdeaHub Board 2 is a versatile solution fit for any modern workplace.

Intelligent O&M Platform

  • Remotely manages and controls up to 50,000 IdeaHubs, and supports batch configuration, upgrade, and shutdown.
  • Provides quick fault rectification, device status statistics, inspection fault alarms, and self-service fault diagnosis.
  • Supports precise advertisement push by pushing startup animations and bulletin boards.

*The platform can be deployed on virtual machines (VMs) or physical servers.

IdeaHub Optional Accessories

IdeaShare Key (Type-A)
Easy projection, clear display

IdeaShare Key (Type-C)
Projection with just a press
(BYOM supported)

Extended support
for Windows

IdeaHub Controller
Convenient conference
control commands

CloudLink Touch
Seamless call and
conference control

CloudLink Camera 200
12x optical zoom and 4K
UHD PTZ camera

CloudLink Mic 500 Series
Microphone array, for
sound pickup within 6 m

*CloudLink Touch and CloudLink Mic 500 Series is supported only by IdeaHub S2.

IdeaHub Product Highlights

All-in-one endpoint
Multiple functions

  • 4K anti-blue light screen
  • 4K camera dedicated for
  • video meetings
  • Microphone array for stereo sound

Easy projection
Seamless operations

  • Network-free projection
  • 4K UHD content sharing
  • Reverse control

Intelligent meeting
Immersive experience

  • Native HD cloud meeting
  • BYOM
  • Intelligent tracking, Auto-Framing,
    and acoustic baffle
  • Microphone array for stereo sound

Intelligent whiteboard
Smooth handwriting

  • Low writing latency
  • Intelligent writing recognition
  • Co-authoring

Intelligent O&M Remote
management and control

  • Centralized endpoint
    management and control
  • Fast diagnosis of faults
  • Advertisement push

Ultimate information
security Full-link

  • Secure communications
  • Data protection
  • System protection

*Easy projection: Projection display varies depending on the endpoint model.
*Network-free projection: peer-to-peer device connection technology based on Wi-Fi Direct
*Native HD cloud meeting: supported only by IdeaHub S2 and B2, and is subject to the cloud service coverage in the local country/region.
*Features supported only by IdeaHub S2: Network-free projection, BYOM, intelligent tracking, Auto-Framing, and acoustic baffle

All-Scenario Smart Office Ecosystem

Regular Meeting Room

Executive Office

Open Area

Multi-functional Training Room

Exhibition and Demonstration

Study Room